Moscow research center

Our research centers

Through our presence in Russia, we are committed to promoting the research and development of advanced energy technologies within the realm of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We are invested in Russia and demonstrate our commitment through our strategic partnerships with academic and research institutions as well as technology companies.

Transformative Technology

We embark on strategic research that aims at revolutionizing the technology used in upstream oil and gas industry. We are creating knowledge and realizing innovative solutions that are applied to some of the world’s largest onshore and offshore fields.

Our current technology portfolio spans all subsurface technology domains, including Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, and Production. These are being pursued in an unconventional structure through four cross-disciplinary programs.

Modeling and Simulation

This program encompasses all modeling and simulation aspects of the hydrocarbon discovery and recovery value-chain. It is focused on translating frontier techniques in applied mathematics and computer science into leading-edge subsurface technologies. Special emphasis is put on leveraging the latest high-performance-computing (HPC) techniques.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

This program advances subsurface technologies that use modern artificial intelligence and data analytics techniques to create solutions for reservoir simulation, seismic imaging, geological model inversion, and production monitoring. It also searchers for innovative technologies that depend on the confluence of data from the entire discovery and recovery value-chain.

Advanced Materials

This program focuses on the synthesis and characterization of advanced non-metallic materials that target introducing disruptive and high impact solutions for upstream oil and gas discovery and recovery operations. These materials span applications in drilling, production, and reservoir engineering.

Geo and Petrophysical Instrumentation

This program targets the development of frontier instruments for Geo and Petrophysical measurements. Such instruments drive their niche from the adaptation of the 4IR drivers including robotization, internet of things (IoT), data analytics, artificial intelligence and more.