People and community

Making a difference

The human potential for progress and development can be seen as a true reflection of the value of energy.

Our community outreach programs in Europe seek to motivate people to become more active and engaged members of their communities.

We strive to raise awareness of impactful issues, inspiring citizens to make positive contributions to advance local progress, whether by leading a healthy lifestyle, conserving energy and water or helping the less fortunate. Knowledge and innovation is also a vital component of who we are and the work in our region of operations is highlighted through the following categories:

Supporting local community

Our local community is important to us and we are proud to support various initiatives that give back to the people in the areas in which we operate. We care about local causes and make efforts to provide a positive impact to the people who are part of our community.

Facilitating cultural connection

We are a global organization with a global workforce. We understand that differences in culture can come together to create dynamic and diverse teams; we value the bonds that are created through diversity and while we all come from different cultures, we know that we still hold the same core principles.

Through our support of the arts and cultural programs we endeavor to build more cross-cultural bridges and develop a more collaborative world.

Future leaders

We are consistently looking forward to the future and through innovations in technology, knowledge and leadership we understand that we have an important role to play in how our world is shaped. We also appreciate that creating a resilient & sustainable world is not only about providing the innovations that support it, but to also encourage and nurture the minds and talents of people who have the potential to take a leading role within it. Through various collaborations with educational organizations we provide support for our future leaders and help equip them with the knowledge and skills that are needed to create a resilient future.