Future leaders

People and community

We are consistently looking forward to the future and through innovations in technology, knowledge and leadership we understand that we have an important role to play in how our world is shaped.

We also appreciate that creating a resilient & sustainable world is not only about providing the innovations that support it, but to also encourage and nurture the minds and talents of people who have the potential to take a leading role within it.

Through various collaborations with educational organizations we provide support for our future leaders and help equip them with the knowledge and skills that are needed to create a resilient future.

Geology field studies with Cardiff University

Aramco’s focus on the future also encompasses the training and education of the next generation of employees. Whether it is innovating our core upstream business, or introducing new technologies in downstream – Aramco students are invested in subjects that can lead to enhancements across the energy value chain.

Beyond the classroom, working in real environments is a key component of understanding subject matter, before taking it one step further and applying it to our industry. Together with Cardiff University two students, Asaad and Sara, have taken to the field as part of the studies in geology.

Below is a chance to hear from them while on expedition in Wales, about their motivations, challenges and future careers with Aramco