Wings of Hope Achievement Awards

Supporting communities

Educating and empowering children through the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards

We are supporting the Wings of Hope charity to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children through education.

The Wings of Hope is a London-based charity that offers educational opportunities to underprivileged children in the UK, India and Malawi.

In the UK, the charity is running the annual Wings of Hope Achievement Awards that is aimed at disadvantaged secondary schoolchildren ages 13 to 18. Created in 2005, it is a nationally recognised competition where students can learn valuable new skills and get a taste of real-world experiences while taking on their own charitable fundraising project.

In India and Malawi, the Wings of Hope charity is providing good-quality free education to impoverished and vulnerable children through the various schools it is funding. Over the years, these children have also benefited from free textbooks, school supplies, hot meals, medical care and other provisions.

The Wings of Hope Achievement Award

In this UK-wide competition, students work in small teams during an academic year to run their own fundraising project, with the freedom to choose how they do it from start to finish.

The aim of each project is for students to use innovative approaches to raising money for the schools in India and Malawi that are supported by the Wings of Hope charity.

Throughout the competition, participating students are given guidance and inspiration through a mentoring system to make sure their projects are delivered smoothly and successfully.

Every project is evaluated by a panel of judges based on these five award categories: entrepreneurship; community action; raising awareness and communication; excellence in skills; and most funds raised. There is also a grand prize for the overall winning team.

Developing skills for life

By taking part in the Wings of Hope Achievement Award, students in the UK can develop their independence, creativity, entrepreneurship, confidence, leadership and communication skills – and be better prepared for the real world of work.

Students can also nurture their sense of social responsibility by learning about charitable causes and the educational needs of underprivileged children in other countries.

We are proud to support the Wings of Hope Achievement Award through our Aramco Fellowship. This fellowship aims to help the Wings of Hope charity to expand their achievement award programme and mentoring activities to reach around 300 new students.

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