Educational activities with Work Like a Horse

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Helping children to learn and develop with Work Like a Horse

We are supporting Work Like a Horse’s educational activities for children with special education needs and children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Work Like a Horse offers free educational activities to children who need a little support – whether that means they are living in a difficult neighbourhood or home situation, or they have a disability or an illness.

Given the right opportunities and learning environment, Work Like a Horse believes that all children, no matter what their background is, can be inspired to discover their abilities and achieve their goals. Their motto is: if you work like a horse, you can accomplish a lot.

Work Like a Horse started in 2014 with its first successful pilot project in Rotterdam that provided a school vacation programme for disadvantaged children during the summer holidays.

Since then, Work Like a Horse has expanded its projects to offer after-school activities, special education and scientific research into the effectiveness of its programmes.

After School Project

Introduced in 2016, Work Like a Horse’s After School Project provides field trips and development programmes during the school year for disadvantaged children from challenging neighbourhoods in Rotterdam.

As many of these children do not often have the chance to venture beyond their own neighbourhoods, this project allows them to experience new things and expand their horizons through after-school excursions.

These excursions, which also involve the children’s parents and are free of charge, are divided into specific lesson modules such as handling money, arts and culture, and nature and environment.

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