Protecting our planet


Protecting and preserving our natural environment is a core citizenship pillar. As our business operations expand, so do the initiatives we undertake to ensure we leave an enduring legacy of protecting the planet we all inhabit.

We have various collaborations in Europe in support of this pillar, whether through environmental education of future generations or directly towards activities that protect and preserve ecosystems. These are divided as follows:

Circular Economy

Climate change is affecting our world in unprecedented ways. At Aramco, efforts are being made in the Kingdom and worldwide to help find solutions to climate change, enabling our world to become more sustainable whilst also providing the energy it needs.

Through our citizenship efforts in Europe, we also support various projects that help find solutions to a more carbon-wise society. Circular economy models are gradually more economical, sustainable and better for our planet, and through our collaboration, such models are being supported to help our local communities create a better future.

Environmental Education

Our planet needs people that are aware of the delicate balance of nature, the environment and their individual role in contributing towards a healthy environment. Whether educating future generations on the importance of ecosystems or supporting the education of wildlife experts, we value the importance of building the environmental knowledge within our local communities.

In short, in order to look after our planet, we need people who are educated and skilled in protecting it.

Protecting Biodiversity

We value a healthy environment and protecting biodiversity is a core aspect of our citizenship pillars. As our world continues to develop and prosper, it faces many environmental challenges which are becoming increasingly urgent. We recognize that the delicate ecosystems around the world need protection, and we are dedicated to supporting this cause.

Building on efforts that take place in the Kingdom, we collaborate with various programs to help these ecosystems develop and prosper, as nature intended.