Covid-19 - giving our support

Globally, Aramco is providing significant financial support to organizations and charities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Europe, Aramco will donate $1.5 million to supporting front-line care providers and those most in need, in key countries where we operate.

“We are focusing our efforts on Italy, Spain, UK, the Netherlands and France – countries with significantly high impact of Covid-19 to their populations, and also where we have high local investment and an extensive ecosystem of partnerships,” 

Talal Al-Marri, President & CEO, Aramco Europe

“We have identified high profile institutions operating at a local level where our donations are likely to have the quickest and highest positive impact.” Support will also be extended to Malaysia, one of our operating locations, which resides outside of Europe.

In summary, the organizations we are supporting are; Barts Charity (UK), ZWIC Foundation (Netherlands), EIC Foundation (Spain), AP-HP (France), Fondazione Buzzi (Italy), and NADMA (Malaysia) – a new location for the Aramco business. More details about our support to follow on our website and Twitter account.

Aramco is also communicating to our supply chain partners and encouraging them to also provide whatever support they can towards these select organizations.

“Aramco is proud of its 70 years of operation in Europe, and remains committed to the communities in which we operate – the safety of our teams and partners being the highest priority,” Al-Marri added.