Fundacion Global Nature

Protecting our planet

Supporting work on wetland conservation and sustainable agriculture in Spain.

We are supporting Fundación Global Nature's work on wetland conservation and sustainable agriculture in Spain, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Fundación Global Nature is a non-profit foundation dedicated to nature protection and sustainable development.

Founded in 1993, Fundación Global Nature has offices in Spain and projects across Europe. It also develops initiatives in other continents to support the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Wetland recovery and conservation

Wetlands play an important ecological role in supporting biodiversity. As well as providing a haven for many species of vegetation that thrive in this unique environment, wetlands are also a vital refuge for migratory waterfowls during the winter season.

Intensive agricultural activities in recent decades have created an adverse effect on the surrounding habitat and rich biodiversity of the wetlands in Spain.

Fundación Global Nature is currently involved in the restoration and conservation of 40 hectares of salt steppes that form an essential part of the ecosystem in the La Mancha Wetlands.

 With our support, Fundación Global Nature will acquired a further 15 hectares of Mediterranean salt steppes to recover native vegetation and protect for future generations. In fact, nowadays 10 hectares have already been purchased. This new area, which has been cultivated commercially, will be replanted with native species from the foundation's own nursery in Villacañas to help promote and protect biodiversity.

Sustainable agriculture

Habitat destruction and biodiversity loss are challenging issues confronting current agricultural practices globally.

Over the years, Fundación Global Nature has been actively engaging with farming communities to promote biodiversity in agriculture through its award-winning projects on sustainable farming.

The foundation maintains one of the most important and extensive land stewardship networks in Spain. With more than 470 agreements covering around 26,000 hectares of land, it has provided ongoing support and education to farmers on sustainable agriculture.

Around 225 of these agreements are in the La Mancha region and are therefore directly linked to salt steppe farming and wildlife conservation in the area's wetland ecosystem.

With our support, Fundación Global Nature is working closely with local farmers to introduce them to conservation and innovative farming practices that will have a positive impact on the environment.

Thus, Aramco is also supporting the acquisition of cropland into the buffer area of the Mediterranean salt steppes to offer to local farmers a demonstrative pilot farm managed by Fundación Global Nature, where farmers can learn how to integrate nature conservation and agrarian production.


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