Aramco and Aston Martin help put STEM on the podium at Spanish Grand Prix

Aramco and F1 partner Aston Martin are hoping to inspire the next generation of race teams through a global karting initiative aimed at promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to schoolchildren. 

Each Formula One season, 20 drivers representing ten teams are watched by millions of fans as they compete on tracks around the world. But behind the scenes are thousands of engineers, technicians and scientists who work together to design and build these incredible speed machines. 

This reliance on so many different technical skillsets makes F1 unique among team sports and a perfect podium to showcase the vast array of opportunities that STEM subjects offer to students seeking to pursue a career in motorsports. 

In the buildup to this month’s Aramco Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, a group of Spanish students were invited to a day of immersive STEM learning and karting.

The Barcelona race represents a major milestone in Aramco’s F1 calendar and is also the home race of Aston Martin Aramco Formula One team driver Fernando Alonso.

The students took part in a karting event at Alonso’s own track, the Museo y Circuito Fernando Alonso in Asturias, northwest Spain, where they had the opportunity to meet with team members and learn about what it takes to work in F1.

“Aramco has activated some incredible STEM educational programs,” said Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team Ambassador Pedro de la Rosa. “STEM is the gateway to finding those innovative solutions that you can bring to the track.” 

Aramco Europe’s citizenship program includes support for several STEM-focused initiatives such as STEM Learning UK and the Inspiring STEM Education Program, a partnership with the University of Manchester which aims to upskill serving teachers in primary and lower secondary schools.  

The company is also supporting STEM education in Poland where it is working with High Tech Foundation on the Talent Open hybrid start-up acceleration program as well as the Fahrenheit Science Picnic, which invites residents and tourists to explore the world of science through entertainment.

In Italy the company also supports STEM-focused initiatives with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

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