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Does having a representative in Saudi Arabia speed the approval process up?

Sometimes but not necessarily. Having a local representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not mandatory, but if that person is present and can swiftly address Saudi Aramco’s requests then they can be of benefit. A local representative can also act as a reliable communication channel and be an asset in developing a closer relationship with Saudi Aramco, which prefers to place its orders locally.

To become an approved supplier, is it mandatory to have a representative in Saudi Arabia?

No, having a local representative is not mandatory.

How often do the priorities for materials change?

The list of sourcing priority materials is dynamic and subject to regular update.

Can I still apply for registration even though I don’t make any priority materials?

Currently we only approve new sources of supply for items included on the sourcing list. Since this list is subject to periodic updates, your products can be potentially listed in the next update. If your company is offering products based on new or advanced technologies possibly not known to us then please contact us we will review your offer.

I have just become an approved supplier. What happens next?

When a specific requirement arises for the material you provide, you will be considered for the contract. Please be aware that Saudi Aramco has a long-established preference for Saudi Arabian sources of supply, in accordance with various commercial considerations, such as price, quality, availability, marketability and transportation. Foreign-owned enterprises are also afforded adequate opportunity, in conformity with customary practices, to compete to be a supplier of materials to the company.

I am already an approved supplier. Can I extend my current approval range with additional commodities?

If you would like to increase the number of commodities you supply, each item must go through the required approval process. Currently, Saudi Aramco only approves new sources of supply for items included on the sourcing list.

Since this list is subject to periodic updates, your products can be potentially listed in the next update. If your company is offering products based on new or advanced technologies possibly not known to us then please contact us and we will review your offer.

How does an inspection agency become Aramco Overseas-approved?

Aramco Overseas does not source inspection agencies for inclusion on the approved supplier list on an ongoing basis. The inspection agencies we use are verified as part of the bidding process for inspection contracts. Typically, these contracts have a duration of between three and five years, meaning we have a number of established contracts in place for the provision of general inspection services at any one time.

In the final year of the established contracts Aramco Overseas will scan the market for inspection agencies capable of providing the required inspection services. The identified agencies will receive a formal request from Aramco Overseas to participate in the pre-qualification process. Inspection agencies meeting the minimum requirements of pre-qualification will be invited to bid for the next contracts for general inspection services.

How does an inspector become Aramco Overseas-approved?

Only fully qualified agency inspectors are permitted to perform any inspection activity for Saudi Aramco. All inspectors must have a minimum of six years of inspection experience in manufacturing facilities, incorporating two years of inspection experience for the specific commodity being proposed/inspected.

Inspectors should be a high school graduate or equivalent. They must possess a working knowledge of applicable industry standards and specifications and should be able to perform inspection functions with minimal supervision. In addition, they should also possess the necessary qualifications and/or certifications relevant to the particular commodity, process or examination they will be inspecting within the fabrication process. They should also be highly proficient in speaking, reading and writing English.

To verify that inspectors have sufficient knowledge of inspection, Aramco Overseas will interview and test them for technical qualifications. In the event that an inspection agency offers up to three candidates for inspector qualification, the interview and test will be conducted in Aramco Overseas’s offices or another location determined by Aramco Overseas. In the case of four or more candidates, the inspection agency can propose the venue for examination.

Aramco Overseas will only qualify an inspector from an inspection agency who:

  • holds a current contract for inspection services
  • is put forward for qualification by a Saudi Aramco Inspection representative and is working on behalf of an engineering company involved in a Saudi Aramco project

The inspection agency must first ensure the quality of a candidate before putting them forward for qualification. When proposing inspectors for qualification, the inspection agency must provide:

  • the full name of the candidate
  • his or her base of operation
  • the commodities for which qualification is requested
  • the proposed date and location of the qualification
  • an up-to-date CV or résumé

Can you tell me what the following abbreviations mean?

9COM material - Commodity materials which are not stocked by Saudi Aramco or a local distributor

9CAT material - Materials intended to be stocked by Saudi Aramco or a local distributor

MS - Material Supply

OOK office - Out of Kingdom office

RVL - Regulated Vendor List

SAMSS - Saudi Aramco Material System Specification

TA - Technical Assessor

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