Aramco Europe helps STEM to take root in cradle of industrial revolution

Aramco Europe helps STEM to take root in cradle of industrial revolution

Aramco Europe supports the teaching of STEM subjects in the UK through an innovative partnership with the University of Manchester.

The Inspiring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Education Program aims to upskill serving teachers working in primary and lower secondary level and improve their proficiency in teaching and assessing STEM subjects.

It is one of several education-focused initiatives being championed by Aramco Europe as the world celebrates International Day of Education on January 24. The program aligns with the company’s commitment to promote education, foster a culture of innovation and creativity, and accelerate human potential.

“Engaging children with STEM subjects from a young age gives them the skills they need to problem-solve and innovate later in life. Ensuring teachers are equipped with the ability to nurture and develop this interest is a critical part of the process,” said Professor Lynne Bianchi from the University of Manchester.

The professional development of teachers supports young people’s social mobility and educational attainment. 

Education as the engine of societal progress 

Manchester was the world’s first industrial city, with the automation of the textile industry an early driver of the first industrial revolution that was powered by water and steam. As the world embraces a technology-driven fourth industrial revolution (4IR), STEM subjects are seen as vital in educating our next generation of innovators.

Through its earlier collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub, Aramco Europe has also supported the growth of the Great Science Share for Schools campaign, which has extended to 28 countries with more than 720,000 pupils participating to date. The campaign is about inspiring 5 to 14-year-olds to ask, investigate and share scientific questions with new audiences.

The Manchester program forms part of Aramco Europe’s wider STEM-focused citizenship efforts that is advancing innovation in primary schools and through second and third level education.
The company is also supporting STEM education in Poland where it is working with High Tech Foundation on the Talent Open hybrid start-up acceleration program which helps young Polish scientists, inventors, and technology enthusiasts under the age of 25.

Through initiatives like these, Aramco Europe strives to drive societal progress and empower the next generation.