Aramco supports STEM education in Poland

Building on the commitment to STEM education in Poland, Aramco has launched a partnership with the “Perspektywy” Educational Foundation, a leading educational foundation and promoter of career-inspiring projects for youth in the technology industries, empowering over 200,000 youth annually.

As part of the corporate citizenship program and proof of its dedication to build a better future, Aramco consistently invests in research and innovation, promotes knowledge and encourages students to pursue career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). By recognizing the significance of talents, Aramco actively supports educational initiatives globally.

Following the commencement of operations in the Polish market, Aramco engages in initiatives that inspire and educate young Poles. One of the key projects is the cooperation with “Perspektywy” Education Foundation, a non-governmental organization devoted to enhancing the quality of education in Poland. Through this partnership, Aramco aims to empower the young generation in STEM education, with a specific focus on women. The partnership will enable the youth to enter the job market and build careers in high-tech industries or by establishing their own technology startups.

Although most students in Poland are women, they remain underrepresented at universities of technologies and specifically on new technology-related faculties. Many women, despite their exceptional potential, harbor reservations about transitioning to careers in emerging technologies. Aramco and "Perspektywy" Educational Foundation aspires to use their collaboration in Poland as an opportunity to share experiences and create new prospects for these talented individuals,” says Bianka Siwinska, President of the “Perspektywy” Educational Foundation.

In this partnership, Aramco has assumed patronage of two esteemed and highly popular programs initiated by the "Perspektywy" Education Foundation: ‘Girls as Engineers!’ and the ‘Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit’ – the biggest conference for women in tech, science and innovation in Europe. The initiatives are addressed to girls who are high school seniors, female university students and staff, as well as young women starting professional careers in IT and technology fields.

Our partnership with the Perspektywy Educational Foundation is a great start of our corporate citizenship program in Poland. From the very beginning of our presence in the Polish market we are eager to support the Polish community and get involved in the fields that are important both for the future of our company and the local citizens. STEM education is our main focus and the Perspektywy Educational Foundation and its Women in Tech Summit are a perfect match,” says Ahmed Alkhunaini, President & CEO of Aramco Europe.