Bringing the energy to golf

From 14 to 16 July 2023, Aramco Team Series – London will not only showcase top-tier golf but also go beyond the on-course action to play a crucial role in nurturing the growth of women’s golf.

Hosted at the iconic Centurion Club, Aramco Team Series – London brings together top professional women golfers from around the world, while also providing a platform for local emerging talent to shine through the global golf series’ innovative team format. This inclusive and empowering environment fosters the growth of the women's game by inspiring young girls and creating role models for the next generation of female golfers.

The renowned Centurion Club will host the Team Series, serving as one of the final team events in women's golf and offering a valuable opportunity for some of Europe’s top golfers to hone their skills and foster their teamwork abilities.

Inspiring the next generation

Britain's pro-golfer Gabriella Cowley, who has competed in all editions of the Aramco Team Series since its inception in 2021, knows firsthand the importance these events play in growing the women's game. “The Aramco Team Series is a fantastic opportunity for golfers, whether amateur or professional, to showcase their abilities on a global stage. These events not only allow us to compete at the highest level but also contribute to the growth and development of the women's game. Seeing more opportunities and recognition for female golfers is inspiring, and I'm excited to be part of this movement.”

“The home crowd energy and support adds an extra level of motivation and inspiration, and is a testament to the positive impact this tournament has on growing the women's game. I'm excited to return this year and continue to be a role model for aspiring young golfers, showing them what is possible through dedication and a love for the sport,” said Bronte Law, reigning champion of London's edition of the Aramco Team Series.

In addition to the competition on the course, this week's events will also feature a range of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity in golf. From junior clinics to interactive fan experiences, the tournament seeks to engage the broader golfing community, encouraging more women and girls to take up the sport and pursue their dreams on the fairways.

Individual excellence and teamwork

“For the players this week, it is about seizing the moment, excelling at the highest level and realizing potential. These are values we strongly believe in, and it is why Aramco is such a proud and enthusiastic supporter of ladies' golf. As a company, we bring energy to the world. And I believe, with our support for the Aramco Team Series, we are bringing new energy to this great sport,” said Ibrahim Al-Buainain, Aramco's Senior Vice President Sales, Trading and Supply Planning.

The pro-golfers have each expressed their unwavering determination to bring that excellence. They see the Aramco Team Series – London as an incredible opportunity for the various players to fine-tune the teamwork component of their game and build strong chemistry among them.

Ahmed AlKhunaini, President and CEO of Aramco Europe commented: “We are indeed very proud of the Aramco Team Series because it combines individual excellence and teamwork. Teamwork is a key part of everything we do at Aramco. By working together, we know we can achieve great things, in business and in golf. This week's events will undoubtedly show brilliant ball-striking and perfect putts. These are the kind of moments that only sport can provide.”

After finishing the Aramco Team Series in London the next stop will be Hong Kong.