Aramco Europe supply chain team heads to Aberdeen

The Aramco Europe supply chain team pictured at the Energy Exports Conference in Aberdeen this week.

Aramco Europe attended the Energy Exports Conference in Aberdeen this week to discuss emerging opportunities across the company’s expanding supply chain.

The annual event was organized by the Energy Industries Council, which represents some 950 companies worldwide.

Aramco Europe Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain, Khalid Alassaf, told delegates about emerging opportunities arising from the company’s capital investment program.

“We want to identify new potential partners here in the UK for long-term agreements, addressing the need for critical commodities – as well as growing needs in areas like renewables, hydrogen production, mobility infrastructure, energy storage and digital transformation,” he said in a speech. 

“For suppliers who share our sense of responsibility and ambition, there are significant opportunities as we look ahead.”

Aramco Europe’s supply chain team has hosted meetings with new and existing suppliers across the continent this year to discuss procurement initiatives such as the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) program, which aims to further strengthen Aramco’s supply chain by establishing a locally competitive industrial base.

“The strength of our supply chain has always been our operational cornerstone, enabling us not only to mobilize in new markets with speed and efficiency, but also allowing us to quickly respond to some incredible challenges in recent years,” said Alassaf.

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