Aramco hosts energy leaders in London to discuss technologies of the transition

Aramco hosts energy leaders in London to discuss technologies of the transition

Aramco hosted key stakeholders from across the global energy industry in London this week to advance the conversation around the role of technology for a stable and inclusive transition.

The reception coincided with International Energy Week 2024, where delegates also explored different scenarios for energy and climate at a time of increased global focus on energy security.

Aramco Global SVP Sales, Trading & Supply Planning, Ahmed Alkhunaini said: “To achieve an equitable energy transition, it is essential that all stakeholders take a collaborative approach in addressing the immense challenges that we collectively face.

“Through such dialogue and collaboration, we can continue to move the needle by identifying and developing technologies that can help us work towards the lower-carbon future we all seek.”

Aramco invests in potentially game-changing energy technologies and works with partners to progress the development of hydrogen and synthetic fuels while also focusing on carbon capture and storage.

This also supports the company’s broader ambition to achieve net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions across its wholly-owned operated assets by 2050.

Aramco continues to leverage its research and development capabilities to develop new technologies with the potential to assist the energy value chain transformation and support the circular carbon economy.

These include a low-carbon hydrogen demonstration plant under development in Saudi Arabia, where the company is also building a Direct Air Capture unit. Aramco has also piloted a novel CO2 sequestration solution which involves dissolving CO2 in water and injecting it into volcanic rocks to be permanently converted into carbonate rocks. Research is also underway into harnessing geothermal energy by converting steam from naturally heated underground aquifers into electricity.

At Aramco Europe’s Fuel Research Center, the company’s teams work towards improving fuel and engine efficiency.

The center also collaborates with several automotive partners, research groups and companies, to re-engineer gasoline and diesel engines for hydrogen combustion.

These initiatives reflect Aramco’s aim to continue to invest in cutting edge technologies while remaining a reliable supplier of energy to the world.

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