Aramco young leaders help to shape workforce of the future

Aramco young leaders help to shape workforce of the future

With an average age of just 28, Aramco’s latest cohort of young leaders have started their 18-month journey on the Young Leaders Advisory Board (YLAB).

First established in 2011, YLAB gives young professionals a voice to address the company’s strategy, challenges and opportunities.

Sixteen people were chosen after a rigorous selection process which began with a pool of more than 2,000 people.

The ninth YLAB cohort may be young, but they have already amassed substantial experience and academic achievement. 

Now they will have the opportunity to provide advice, ideas, and insights to senior management, and engage with other young employees on the changes taking place throughout Aramco and the industry.

The YLAB program aligns with Aramco’s commitment to build world class talent and help to prepare the workforce for the future.

This means focusing on professional and technical skills, developing commercial leadership competencies and focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Programs such as YLAB establish new learning and leadership pathways to help future proof the company’s operations.

Some 60 percent of Aramco staff are composed of members of Generation-Y (those born during the 1980s and early 1990s) and Generation-Z (those born roughly from 1996 through 2010).

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