CEO calls for balanced energy transition at WEC

Amin Nasser emphasizes need for a pragmatic approach, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity

Aramco President & CEO Amin H. Nasser told the World Energy Congress (WEC) in Rotterdam that the energy transition would not happen from ‘policy’ alone.

Highlighting the huge differences in income and energy consumption between the Global North and the Global South, he stressed the need for an inclusive, multi-speed, multi-source and multi-dimensional road to reality.

“It might work for your country but it’s not going to work for the world - and the transition is all about the world,” he told the 26th WEC Congress, representing some 7,000 international energy stakeholders.

Aramco continues to invest in the exploration and production of affordable energy, while at the same time investing in the technology needed to advance a realistic and robust energy transition.

By leveraging its technology and innovation leadership, the company aims to be a leading player in the new markets for carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production and lower-carbon fuels.

The 100-year-old World Energy Congress, which ran from April 22-25, is one of the largest gatherings of energy industry leaders globally.

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