Aramco’s digital transformation of gas system dials up as summer nears

  • Aramco’s digital transformation of gas system dials up as summer nears 
  • Gas Optima platform helps system cope with peak demand

For more than a decade, Aramco’s Peak Seasonal Production Strategy (PSP) has helped to manage demand for gas during the hot summer months.

Since the establishment of the PSP strategy in 2010, gas production has helped reduce domestic consumption of oil by around 254 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Now an aspiring digital surface and subsurface platform known as ‘Gas Optima’, is improving the strategy further by optimizing gas blend and workflow so that tasks that used to take days can now be carried out in the moment of need.

Today, engineers can analyze each well’s current constraints in seconds, significantly reducing the time needed to provide the required additional information. This supports a more consistent and reliable delivery of gas resources, enhancing operational performance and overall productivity as rising summer temperatures drive demand for energy across the network.

The integration of sophisticated platforms like Gas Optima has paved the way for unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in reservoir management at Aramco. This advanced system empowers engineers with a one-click solution, offering a comprehensive view of the entire gas network in real time.

By harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning, Gas Optima seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, simplifying complexities and allowing engineers to make well informed decisions to facilitate increased production rates aimed at meeting energy demand during peak seasons.

As this digital transformation continues to evolve, it is expected to propel the industry toward more efficient gas operations. Gas Optima’s innovative approach is designed to not only meet the challenges of a vast master gas system and overcome the limitations of individual facilities, it also supports a healthy reservoir network and seeks to improve revenue by optimizing the gas mix while bolstering a reliable energy supply for customers across the Kingdom.

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